10 Retro Sweets That Make Perfect Cake Decorations

Find out all about our favourite sweets for decorating cakes in our latest blog post!

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Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for baking; there’s nothing cosier than the smell of freshly baked cakes filling your house but when it comes to baking, we don’t think any cake is complete without the addition of some retro sweets.

No matter what flavour of cake you whip up, we think every kind of cake is best served with sweets on top, so if you’re wondering the best way to decorate your cakes, allow us to share with you our top 10 retro sweets for using as cake decorations.

Flying Saucers

If you want your cupcakes to look fun and colourful without requiring a lot of effort or skill, flying saucers are the perfect cake decoration.

A quick swirl of icing and a flying saucer on top looks like you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to make your cakes look picture perfect but actually, you’ve just popped a tasty treat on top of an equally as delicious cake!

Strawberry Hearts

A perfect cake topper for some valentines baking, strawberry hearts are the perfect combination of fruity flavour and a bit of fizz, making them the ideal decoration for a plain and simple vanilla flavoured sponge.

Small and easy to place a few on top of your cupcakes or ideal for covering a large cake with for a real masterpiece, if you’re celebrating an anniversary or romantic occasion, strawberry hearts are the perfect decoration for your cake.

White Chocolate Stars

If you’re not a fan of adding fruity flavoured decorations to your cakes then white chocolate stars might be a better choice for your baking. 

A generous size if you fancy going all out and decorating a large cake or the perfect chunk of chocolate to pop on top of a cupcake to give your bakes the wow-factor, white chocolate stars are a real treat with their sugary sprinkles and would be the perfect partner to a white chocolate or raspberry flavoured cake.

Popping Candy

Add a subtle surprise to your cakes that no one will expect with the help of some old school popping candy.

The perfect way to add a whole new level of taste and flavour to your cakes is with the help of a sprinkle of popping candy. It might be an understated decoration choice but it’s a big hit of flavour when you take a bite!

Vanilla Fudge

The perfect finishing touch to any toffee, fudge or honeycomb cakes, vanilla fudge may be old school confectionery but it’s delicious and a flavour that everyone loves.

Our suggestion for topping your cakes, whatever the size, with vanilla fudge is to chop each piece into smaller chunks and sprinkle them on top of your icing and that way, every bite provides you with a bit of cake, a touch of icing and a piece of fudge, the ideal combination.

Jelly Babies

A super fun idea for celebrations such as a baby shower, topping cakes with jelly babies is not only a tasty option but a cute one too.

Place one jelly baby on top of your cupcake or add a few to the top of a larger cake, everybody loves jelly babies and are bound to steal the sweet from their cake before even taking a bite into your baking!

Fizzy Blue Bottles

If you want to top your cake with something a little fizzy, a little fruity and a little sour, then fizzy blue bottles are a perfect choice.

Another fun idea for topping cakes that are being used for a baby shower with their pink and blue colour, these sweets will definitely become the star of the show with their iconic flavour, so we’d recommend adding these retro sweets to a simple flavoured bake.

Love Hearts

Another super sweet way to decorate your cakes for a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, Love Hearts are super easy to place on top of the icing of your cupcake or decorate a larger cake for a real show stopper.

The kind of cake topper that everyone is going to pick off and eat first because they’re just so irresistible, cake decorations don’t get much better than Love Hearts!

Rainbow Drops

A perfect option if you’re decorating cakes with children who are likely to be stealing the decorations as you go, rainbow drops are a family friendly sweet that all ages love that are easy for sprinkling on all kinds of cakes to add colour and texture.

Rainbow drops are small in size and light in consistency, meaning they don’t take away from the flavour of your bake but just add something a little extra to bring it all together.

A Little Bit of Everything!

Our rule when it comes to decorating cakes with sweets is the more the better, so why choose one kind of sweet to top your cakes with when you could add a bit of everything you fancy!

Pick and mix cakes are super fun and one of our favourite ways to use sweets in baking that we shared in our recent blog post!

Old fashioned sweets really do make the perfect cake decorations, so if you give any of these cake toppers a try, we’d love to see the finished results, so share your pictures with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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