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  1. Top Treats for Celebrating White Chocolate Day

    Our latest blog post runs through our favourite white chocolate treats to indulge in on White Chocolate Day!

  2. Raise a Pint Pot Sweet to International Beer Day

    Read our latest blog post to find out all about International Beer Day and one of our favourite sweets, the Pint Pot.

  3. The Best Lollies to Enjoy on Official Lollipop Day

    Today is National Lollipop Day! So read out latest blog post to find out our pick of the best lollies to enjoy today!

  4. Our Super Sweet Father's Day Gift Guide

    Father’s Day is just a matter of weeks away now which means it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to treat the special man in your life this year. 

  5. Here’s Some Sweet Inspiration for National Eat What You Want Day

    Did you know that the 11th of May is National ‘Eat What You Want’ Day? A day that is dedicated to indulging, enjoying as much of whatever foods you want and generally waving goodbye to the diet for 24 hours and it’s fair to say, we’re well in favour of that.

  6. National Gummy Worm Day

    It's National Gummy Worm Day, so where at Retro Sweet we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to delve into the history of gummy treats! Read our latest blog to find out more about the origins of gummy worms. 

  7. Retro Sweets Your Dad Secretly Loves!

    We all know your Dad has a secret sweet tooth, why not satisfy it this Father's Day with a tasty treat from Retro Sweet with these Retro Sweets your Dad secretly loves! 

  8. The Perfect Retro Sweet Hampers for Father’s Day!

    This Father's Day, why not treat your Dad to a hamper full of his favourite sweets? Take him on a trip down memory lane with a collection of sweets he used to enjoy when he was a child!

  9. National Liquorice Day

    It's National Liquorice Day! And to celebrate we've delved a little in to the history of liquorice and bringing you the best treats from Retro Sweet so you can enjoy this great day to its full potential. 

  10. Retro Sweets: What Every Mum Wants for Mother’s Day!

    Mother's Day is fast approaching, don't miss out on your opportunity to purchase the gift that every Mum wants; choose her favourite retro sweets now. 


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