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  1. Here’s Some Sweet Inspiration for National Eat What You Want Day

    Did you know that the 11th of May is National ‘Eat What You Want’ Day? A day that is dedicated to indulging, enjoying as much of whatever foods you want and generally waving goodbye to the diet for 24 hours and it’s fair to say, we’re well in favour of that.

  2. National Gummy Worm Day

    It's National Gummy Worm Day, so where at Retro Sweet we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to delve into the history of gummy treats! Read our latest blog to find out more about the origins of gummy worms. 

  3. National Liquorice Day

    It's National Liquorice Day! And to celebrate we've delved a little in to the history of liquorice and bringing you the best treats from Retro Sweet so you can enjoy this great day to its full potential. 


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