10 Things We All Experience During the Crimbo Limbo

See if you can relate to the 10 things we all experience during the crimbo limbo!

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If you’ve clicked on this blog and are now wondering what on earth ‘the crimbo limbo’ is, allow us to explain.

The ‘crimbo limbo’ is the period of time between Christmas and New Year when time seems to slow down, nobody really knows what to do and everything just gets a bit weird, sound relatable?

We’ve all had the crimbo limbo feels before and today we’re going to be sharing with you 10 things we’ve ALL experienced during these awkward few days.

“Seriously, What Day is It?”

Once Boxing Day is out of the way but before New Year’s Eve arrives, nobody knows what day it is.

We might be able to figure out the date but in terms of what day of the week it is, we have no idea whatsoever.

“Can We Still Play Christmas Music?”

This is VERY confusing because technically, Christmas is over but the decorations are still up and we’ve not celebrated New Year yet so can we play Christmas music still or shall we just sit in silence to be safe?

“Is This Turkey Still OK to Eat?”

Because every family always makes too much food on Christmas day, there’s always that plate of turkey left in the fridge but the big question during the crimbo limbo is, “is this still ok to eat?”.

As all concept of time is lost during this week, we have no idea how long it’s been in the fridge but according to the Mirror, you can keep your turkey in the fridge for 3-4 days, so as long as it’s binned by the 29th, you should be fine!

“Can We Still Watch Christmas Films?”

Similarly to the music situation, what do we watch on TV? The days between Christmas and New Year are the perfect occasions to hibernate and watch films but is it acceptable to watch Christmas films still?

“I’m Not Sure If I’m Spending My Christmas Money or Regular Money”

This is a real ‘adult’ problem – did we just pay for the supermarket shop with our Christmas money?

“Can We Have Something ‘Normal’ to Eat?”

We love festive food as much as the next person but by the time we reach the 28th or 29th, we’re just craving something ‘normal’ to eat!

We’ve had enough of roast dinners, party food and Christmas gift sweets for breakfast, can we just get a piece of toast, please?

Day Drinking is Becoming Way Too Normal

We all know day drinking is acceptable on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and we can even allow it on Boxing Day without getting any weird looks but the boredom of the crimbo limbo really does have the power to turn us all into regular lunchtime drinkers.

Baileys anyone?

The Thought of Returning to Work is Starting to Dawn

For those of us lucky enough to get a good couple of weeks off work over Christmas, it’s all fun and games at the beginning of your time off but when that realisation starts to kick in around the 30th that your just days away from returning to normality, that is NOT a fun feeling!

We’re SO Done with Socialising

Family and friends are one of the biggest blessings of Christmas and having everyone together is a real joy but during that crimbo limbo period, a bit of alone time is simply bliss.

You’ve probably been socialising non-stop during December and then with your nearest and dearest constantly across Christmas, so by the 28th, we’d just like to sit and watch TV by ourselves, please.

“As If It’s All Over Now”

The build-up to Christmas is intense and then the actual festive period is crazy, so it's usually a couple of days into that Christmas lull before New Year that you realise it’s all over and done with for another year and can’t believe how fast it all flew by!

Crimbo limbo might be weird and a bit like a parallel universe where time doesn’t exist but it sure is a fun time.

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