5 Sweet Cocktails to Try this New Year's Eve

Read our latest blog post for 5 sweet inspired cocktails for you to impress your friends with this New Year's Eve!

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The clock is counting down to New Year’s Eve which has got us thinking about one thing – cocktails!

NYE parties are all about breaking out the best beverages, so there’s no better way to see in the new year than with some seriously delicious cocktails and we’re going to be helping you whip up some retro sweet inspired drinks that will impress all your friends!

‘The Palma Violet’

Created by the team of cocktail connoisseurs at the Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa in Newquay, Cornwall, the ‘Palma Violet’ cocktail takes inspiration from our favourite purple retro sweets – Parma violets!

The team at this Cornish hotel mix Hendrick’s gin, violet liquor, lavender syrup, prosecco and lemon together to create this refreshing, floral flavoured cocktail but we’ve got a shortcut for you if you want to spend more time drinking and less time cocktail making – Parma violet gin!

Available in the majority of supermarkets now, you can buy Parma violet flavoured gin, throw in your favourite mixer and jazz it up with a few finishing touches and there you have it, a super quick Parma violet cocktail!

Palma Violet

The Dingle Gin Fruit Salad

Sweets don’t get much more retro than fruit salads, so we’re all in favour of this fruit salad inspired cocktail by Dingle Gin!

Using their very own gin, they’ve blended a selection of ingredients to recreate the tropical flavours of a fruit salad sweet and it’s perfect for making in big batches and having available on tap at any NYE party!


70cl Dingle Original Gin

35cl Mineral Water

12cl Crème de Framboise

12cl Crème de Cassis

35cl Lemon Juice

12cl Sugar Syrup

75ml Orgeat Syrup

1 Punnet Raspberries

2 Oranges (sliced in half moons)

2 Lemons (sliced in wheels)

75cl Brut Champagne


Mix all ingredients together apart from the champagne and refrigerate for 4-5 hours

Serve with large ice cubes and top with champagne

Dingle Gin Fruit Salad

Love ‘Heartini’ by Revolution Bars

Revolution Bars are known for being the home of incredible cocktails and their Valentine’s inspired Love ‘Heartini’ features our favourite sherbet sweets in this fresh and fruity cocktail!


37.5ml Ketel One Vodka

12.5ml Vanilla Liqueur

75ml Pineapple Juice

25ml Cranberry Juice

Lime Wedge

Strawberry Jam

Fun-Sized Love Hearts

Raspberry Sherbet


Fill your Boston can cocktail shaker and coupe glass with ice to chill them both

Add all your ingredients including the jam and squeezed lime to your cocktail shaker and shake well for 7 seconds

Empty the ice from your glass and strain the cocktail in, revealing a pink cocktail with a foamy top layer

Grab a kiss-shaped stencil and sprinkle raspberry sherbet on top of the foam layer. Use a small wooden peg to attach your mini roll of love hearts to the side of the glass and there you have it – a Love ‘Heartini’!

Love Heartini

Bubblegum Daiquiri by Revolution Bars

Another sweet inspired cocktail from Revolution, this one is a super sweet twist on a classic daiquiri with a punch of bubblegum flavour, topped with our favourite retro sweets, flying saucers!


75ml Bubblegum Handcrafted Flavour

50ml Apple Juice

12.5ml Bubblegum Syrup

12.5m Lemon Juice

Flying Saucers


Grab a blender and throw in crushed ice as well as all your ingredients apart from the flying saucers. At the same time, add some crushed ice to your frappe cup to chill it

Blend your ingredients for around 30 seconds before pouring away the ice from your cup and pouring your cocktail in

Garnish with as many flying saucers as you see fit and enjoy!

Bubblegum Daiquiri

Gummy Bear Martini

Created by The Spruce Eats, The Gummy Bear Martini combines our favourite jelly sweets with a sophisticated and fruity martini, perfect for a civilised drink with a childhood twist!


43ml Raspberry Vodka

28ml Peach Schnapps

28ml Cranberry Juice

Gummy Bears


Chill a tall cocktail glass

Add all your ingredients apart from the gummy bears to a cocktail shaker with ice

Mix well and then strain into your chilled glass

Add 3-4 gummy bears to a skewer and lay across the top of the glass!

Gummy Bear Martini

There you have it, 5 sweet inspired cocktails to shake up your New Year’s Eve celebrations!

If you test any of these sweet tipples out, be sure to share your pictures with us on Instagram or Facebook!


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