The 5 Types of People at Every Office Christmas Party

Read our latest blog post to see if you are familiar with the 5 types of people at every office Christmas party!

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Office Christmas parties are either the best celebrations of all time or the worst evenings of your life and honestly, there’s really no in-between.

If you’ve been to a few office Christmas parties then you’re probably familiar with the stereotypical people you tend to find at them and today we’re going to be sharing with you the 5 most common kinds of people you’ll come across at the office festivities!

The Organiser

You’ll know exactly which member of the team is ‘the organiser’ because they’ve probably either been spamming you with emails or constantly chewing your ear off about this party for the last month or more.

The organiser is someone you definitely want to be on good terms with because they’re in charge of how good your night is but you’re also not going to want to spend too much time with them because they usually spend the event stressed and ruining EVERY surprise that’s yet to come.

The Boss’ Best Mate

They’re probably the boss’ favourite inside the office too but there’s always that one party guest that has decided they ARE the boss’ best friend and they’re going to make it known to the rest of the team.

From making sure they’re sat next to them at dinner to being glued to their side on the dance floor, it’s not hard to spot the colleague who’s trying to get close to the boss!

The One Who Obviously Doesn’t Want to Be There

Sometimes it’s the office junior who’s 10 years younger than everyone else and sometimes it’s the oldest member of the team that’s been to every Christmas do since 1975 but there’s always one who quite clearly just doesn’t want to be there.

They don’t speak much at dinner, they don’t get involved in the activities and they certainly aren’t getting up on the dancefloor. They’ll also probably go home at about 9pm if you’re lucky that they stayed that long.

The One Who Drinks Too Much

It doesn’t matter what you’re getting up to for your Christmas party, there’s always one colleague who takes it too far at the bar.

Sometimes it’s the usual suspect who we all know likes a tipple or sometimes it’s the dark horse who you never expected to drink like that but if your office celebrations don’t end with at least one member of the team under the table, you’re not done yet.

The Crier

There’s always one that ends the night in tears. Sometimes they’re also the one that drinks too much, sometimes they’re actually the one that doesn’t want to be there or sometimes they’re just the one whose reaction to everything is to cry.

Maybe some office drama kicked off or maybe a song came on that hit a nerve? Who really knows why they’re crying but let’s be honest, you’re not surprised they’re in tears.

Office Christmas parties are an experience if nothing else and whether you’re a lover or a hater, you have to go just so you’re not the odd one out on Monday morning who doesn’t understand a word of what everyone’s talking about.

Do you think you fit one of these moulds? Let us know which party guest you are on Instagram or Facebook! 

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