5 Ways to Celebrate Candy Month

We’re all about celebrating special occasions in super sweet style, so there was no way we were going to let ‘Official Candy Month’ pass without recognising it in true Retro Sweet style. 

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We’re all about celebrating special occasions in super sweet style, so there was no way we were going to let ‘Official Candy Month’ pass without recognising it in true Retro Sweet style.

Every June is known as ‘Candy Month’ around the globe and it’s simply a time to talk about how much we love sweets, eat plenty of treats and generally celebrate all things confectionaries!

If you intend to join in and get in the candy month spirit, here are 5 ways to get celebrating:

Throw a ‘Candy Party’

We have parties for all other kinds of special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, so why not get a group of friends together and party the night away in recognition of candy month?

We’re thinking music, candy-related games and most of all, plenty of sweets to snack on and there you have it, a great evening celebrating our favourite sweet treats!

Get Baking

What better time to get creative in the kitchen than official candy month? Break out your classic recipes and find different ways to incorporate your favourite confectionaries in to give them an extra touch.

What about adding foam bananas to your traditional banana bread? Strawberries and cream cupcakes with fizzy strawberry sweets on top? The options are endless when it comes to baking with candy, so use this month as a chance to have some fun.

Milkshake Madness

We’ve all seen those crazy milkshake bars that can quite simply blend any sweet treat of your choice with milk and ice cream to make a mesmerising shake, so why not do it yourself at home?

Grab yourself all the ingredients you’ll need as well as your sweets of choice and get blending!

Pour a Cocktail

If you’re over the age of 18, celebrate candy month in style with some super sweet cocktails. It’s super easy to make your own cocktails at home and you can add so many of your favourite sweeties to create unique concoctions!

Strawberry daiquiris with a scoop of strawberry hearts or a piña colada finished with sugar-coated pineapple cubes, why not get creative with the cocktails this month?

If you’re under 18 and still want to join in with the candy cocktail fun, our non-alcoholic cocktail bonbons are the perfect option

Simply Indulge

If you want to just kick back, relax and enjoy candy month in the simplest of ways, then why not just stock up on your top sweets and indulge!

There’s no better way to celebrate a month that’s all about sweets than to eat some, so we think this is one way we’ll definitely be making the most of this special month.

We’d recommend grabbing one of our personalised sweet boxes or retro sweet hampers, so you’ve got a good variety to go at throughout the month!

How will you be celebrating candy month? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram! 

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