5 Ways to Incorporate Candy Canes into Your Christmas

Read our latest blog to find out 5 ways to incorporate candy canes into this years Christmas!

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Nothing says Christmas quite like candy canes but we think there are far better ways to enjoy these sweet festive treats than just eating them, so we’re going to be sharing with you 5 fun and creative ways to incorporate candy canes into your Christmas with some seasonal bakes and other unique ideas for getting the most out of your candy canes!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Candy canes have helped peppermint become a seriously festive flavour, so what better way to make your favourite hot drink a little more Christmassy than throwing in some peppermint flavouring and decorating with all the works, including the star of the show – candy canes.

A real crowd pleaser for your festive celebrations, why not knock up a batch of slow cooker peppermint hot chocolate, serve in mugs with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and candy canes!

Christmas Tree Brownies

If you can’t try ALL the Pinterest baking ideas at Christmas then when can you?

We’ve all seen those super cute Christmas tree brownies floating around on social media but they’re actually easier to make than you may think and they feature our key ingredient of candy canes.

You can either bake your own brownies or cheat and grab some shop bought ones but either way, you’re going to need to cut them into triangles to start your Christmas trees!

Next, you’ll need to take a straight piece of candy cane and push it into the bottom of your triangle as this will act as the pot for your tree. You’ll then need to grab some green icing and add a zigzag design across your brownie to make it look like a tree before adding more icing or small sweets to decorate.

Perfect for serving up at parties around this time of year, this fun and easy bake is eye-catching and delicious.

Christmas Brownies

Image: Pinterest.com

Candy Cane Cake Pops

Cake pops are a super fun and tasty addition to any gathering but why not add a festive spin by incorporating candy canes into your cake pop making?

It’s a simple bake; all you need to do is make cake pops in the flavour of your choice as you usually would but instead of adding a standard lollipop stick, pop a candy cane in the bottom instead.

As for decoration, we recommend dipping your cake pops in white chocolate or white icing and then rolling in crushed candy cane or peppermint sweets for the ultimate festive treat.

Candy Cane Fudge

Continuing with the theme of festive baking, Pinterest has gone wild this year for the creamy and refreshing flavour of candy cane fudge, so what better sweet treat to whip up in time for Christmas than this?

There are plenty of candy cane fudge recipes online for you to follow but the concept is pretty similar across them all with the basic ingredients including sugar, butter, cream and of course, lots of candy canes!

Simply Hanging From the Tree

As much as we love all these creative candy cane bakes, we think these festive peppermint treats are sometimes best served simple and there’s nothing quite as classic and Christmassy as red and white striped candy canes hanging from the Christmas tree.

If you’ve not put your decks up yet then don’t forget to adorn your tree with plenty of eye-catching candy canes but we have to warn you, those candy canes probably won’t still be there by Christmas day, they’re just too good to resist!

Candy canes are an integral part of Christmas gift sweets and with these five delicious ideas, you’ll be enjoying these festive vintage sweet treats all the way through Advent!



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