Retro Sweets Your Dad Secretly Loves!

We all know your Dad has a secret sweet tooth, why not satisfy it this Father's Day with a tasty treat from Retro Sweet with these Retro Sweets your Dad secretly loves! 

Are you looking to treat your Dad to an extra special gift this Father’s Day? Look no further. Retro Sweet offer a fantastic range of gifts that will make sure your Dad knows he is number one this weekend!

No matter how much your Dad might play down his sweet obsession, there’s no denying his sweet tooth comes out occasionally. Take a look at our old school sweets your Dad secretly loves and gift him the gift of sugar this Father’s Day.

Dad’s Retro Sweet Jar

Boasting over 13 kinds of your Dad’s favourite retro sweets, from cola bottles, fried eggs, to parma violets and refreshers – your Dad’s retro sweet jar will certainly put a smile on his face, plus it can be personalised too with an extra special greeting.

Old Fashioned Sweet Shop Box

Styled in the form of a traditional old fashioned sweet shop, this Retro Sweet gift will certainly bring a nostalgic touch to your Dad’s day. Brought to you by the people at Lolly May Nostalgic Sweets, this sweets gift box can also be personalised to give you a special touch to your Father’s Day gift.

Candy Cans – Pint of Beer Sweets

What better way to give your dad the gift of sugar than with a pint of beer flavoured sweets? It’s the gift that combines two great things and is sure to be a favourite for your Dad at Father’s Day. Featuring a real ring pull top, it’s got an authentic feel to ensure your present stands out this Sunday!

Great British Tool Hamper

We even cater to those who absolutely love chocolate and nothing else; our Great British Tool Hamper is a beautifully designed tool box filled with everyone’s favourite chocolate flavoured tool shaped treats. Created by Hannah’s Confectionary in Scotland, the Great British Tool vintage sweet hamper is a great gift for those industrious workmen of Britain, and if that fits what your Dad does then this could be the perfect gift for him. 

Shop our entire range of Retro Sweet gifts today. 

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