The Very Best of Boiled Sweets

Read our latest blog post to find out which boiled sweets are our favourites!

Best of Boiled Sweets


As much as the kids of the 70’s and 80’s loved a fizzy sweet or a gummy treat, there’s something about boiled sweets that will forever win over our hearts.

They’re the most old school of sweets and pack some of the biggest punches of flavour but we don’t think hard boiled sweets get enough celebration for just how good they are!

We’re going to be taking a look at some of our favourite boiled sweets and generally sharing some love for these old-fashioned classics.

The Mint Humbug

Potentially a sweet that gets a little overlooked, mint humbugs don’t get enough recognition for being the staple of the sweet world that they are.

Most of us probably eat a mint every single day and humbugs are one of the best on the market. It’s thought that mint humbugs have been around since the 1820’s, making them one of the most retro sweets we have available but also highlighting how they’ve really stood the test of time.

Usually flavoured with peppermint and sporting a striped design, they’re iconic looking and classic tasting, hence they’ve made it into our best boiled sweets.

Lemon Sherbets

The definition of a drop of sunshine, you can’t eat a lemon sherbet and still be in a bad mood, it just isn’t possible. The tangy lemon shell and fizzy sherbet centre, it’s a match made in heaven and a flavour sensation everyone likes.

Another boiled sweet that goes way back, all of our great great relatives probably enjoyed the very same citrusy sweet that we still delve into today, once again showing that boiled sweets simply don’t go out of fashion.

Rosy Apples

Apple flavoured sweets in the 80’s tended to be sour but the classic rosy apple is far from sharp tasting. These red and green boiled sweets are full of fruity flavour that simply makes your mouth water.

Tasting like the best apple you’ve ever had, rosy apples have a subtle tang from the sugary coating but they’re very much a sweet treat opposed to something fizzy. Rosy apples are as old school as all the other boiled candies but there’s something about their iconic taste that just makes them a great choice for all ages.

Kola Cubes

Cola bottles are great and anyone born in the 80’s or afterwards are pretty much obsessed but Kola Cubes are a whole new level. The problem with cola bottles is that they’re just over too quickly due to their small size and chewy texture, that flavour sensation is over too fast!

All rise for the Kola Cube. The same great taste of a cola bottle but in a boiled sweet, so you can savour that familiar fizzy flavour for far longer. A slight tang from the sugary coating and the irresistible taste of cola, these boiled sweets are seriously underrated.

We knew these sweets were loved but when we took to Facebook to ask whether our followers preferred Kola or Pineapple cubes, there was a landslide victory for the Kola Cubes, getting 87.5% of the vote!

Pear Drops

There’s nothing delicate about a pear drop, they’re a big mouthful of flavour and they’re seriously old school.

Both the pink and yellow sugar-coated boiled sweets have a refreshing, sweet pear taste that is simply far more delicious than any regular pear you’ve ever grabbed out of the fruit bowl.

A British creation, it’s thought that pear drops were made right here in the UK which in our opinion, makes them all the tastier.

Rhubarb and Custards

We can’t talk boiled sweets without bringing rhubarb and custards into the equation, it just does not get more old school than these.

Rhubarb crumble and custard is a warming and hearty flavour we can all appreciate but whoever decided to encapsulate that taste sensation into a boiled sweet, was a genius. Yellow and pink boiled sweets with a slight sugar coating, there’s something about that tangy take on a classic flavour we can’t get enough of.

Sweet Peanuts

A sweet that has the power to divide a nation, sweet peanuts are a super old school boiled sweet that is unlike any other sweet treat of its kind.

Peanut flavoured boiled candy might sound like a bit of an odd concept to begin with but once you’ve tried one and realised that capturing the creamy yet sharp flavour of peanut into a boiled sweet actually really works, we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

We hope this blog post has given you the urge to give boiled sweets a second chance and take a break from your usual sweet treats to give these old-fashioned classics a go.

Do you have a favourite boiled sweet? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram! 

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