Our Favourite Fruity Sweet Treats

If you want to try and be healthy but aren't quite ready to make the full commitment, here are some delicious fruity sweets to ease you in! From bananas to strawberries, build yourself your own fruit sweet salad!

We might all be feeling the pressure in the new year to eat a little bit healthier after we have possibly overindulged with Christmas sweet gifts; now we are finally back into the swing of things we could well be making healthier choices. You might even have a New Year’s resolution to try and eat your 5 a day when it comes to fruit.

But if the thought of trying to eat all that fruit every day is just too much, why not trick your taste buds? Here at Retro Sweet we have a great collection of fruity sweets that are perfect for cheating your fruit fix when all you really want to do is treat yourself!

Foam bananas

Treat your palette to these soft, chewy banana sweets. Reminiscent of your childhood, foam bananas are great to start off your fruity pick and mix. These authentic sweets will remind you of the days of tuck shops and running down to the shop to buy your favourite treats! 

retro foam bananas

Fizzy strawberries

You couldn’t concoct an alternative fruit salad without strawberries. This fizzy, tangy version has been around since the 1970s and have remained a firm favourite. Their sharp taste will ensure you keep reaching for more and getting your strawberry fix.

Pineapple cubes

Why not add something a little different to your fruity mix and choose these delicious sugar coated, pineapple flavour cubes. The closest you can get to eating real pineapple, these fruity cubes have no artificial colourings or flavourings either!

retro sweets pineapple cubes

Pear drops

Pear drops are the perfect fruity sweet to snack on when you need a sugary fix. They might remind you of visiting grandparents when you were little, but we bet you looked forward to them every single time! Loved by both younger and older generations, pear drops are a great addition if you’re trying to eat a fruitier diet.

retro sweets pear drops

Fruit salads

You couldn’t have a retro collection of fruity sweets without mentioning the iconic fruit salad sweets themselves. From the 1980s, fruit salads are pineapple and raspberry flavoured chews and were the best thing to spend your pocket money on back in the day.

For all your retro sweet needs, check out our huge range of all your favourite sweets right here!

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