Festive Childhood Treats You Just Can't Buy Any More

Our latest blog post is looking at our favourite festive treats from our childhood that are no longer available to buy!

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The festive period really does revolve heavily around food and although the Christmas treats available are getting better every single year, it’s only right that we take a step back at this time of year and give a thought to those legendary festive treats from our childhoods that simply don’t exist anymore.

We’re going to be taking you on a trip down memory lane to remind you of some Christmas foods that were a big part of your younger years that just aren’t on the shelves anymore, so let’s begin!

Galaxy Truffles in Celebrations

Maltesers are nice, Snickers are fine and Milky Way are bearable but we can’t let the festive season pass without paying tribute to THE best chocolate Celebrations ever included in their selection – the Galaxy Truffle.

We’re not actually sure why they were removed from the tin but they were swapped out for Twix in 2011 and we can’t actually believe this will be the 7th Christmas they won’t be making an appearance but we can only hope that one day they’ll make a comeback.

Cadbury’s Snaps

Often referred to as ‘Chocolate Pringles’, Cadbury’s Snaps were basically thin, crisp like pieces of chocolate with different flavours. Odd concept and not one that is really around at all anymore but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss these unique chocolate treats!

Aldi does their own version of these chocolate snaps but nothing tops Cadbury’s chocolate does it?


Are you thinking ‘what the heck are Mingles’? We thought so.

If you don’t remember what Mingles are, they were the boxes of mint flavoured chocolates. There were 5 different kinds of mint chocolates in the box and they were SO good but unfortunately, they are no more.

They stopped production of Mingles in 2011 and although mint chocolate isn’t difficult to come by, there’s nothing on the market quite like these.

Cadbury’s Chocolate Coins

Cadbury’s are clearly forever on a mission to rid us of all our favourite Christmas sweet gifts because not long after the disappearance of Snaps, we then had to say a tough goodbye to Cadbury’s chocolate coins.

Now, we like to think our personalised chocolate coin gift set is better than any Cadbury’s chocolate but that doesn’t stop us feeling a little resentful that we can’t get our hands on these anymore!

Bird’s Trifle Mix

Technically you CAN still buy Bird’s Trifle Mix in the supermarkets but if you were to hop back in time to Christmas in the 80’s, there’d be a trifle on every dinner table but nowadays? We just don’t do trifle at Christmas anymore and if we do, none of us are using the Bird’s mix anymore!

Our culinary skills seem to have come on from the days of packet mixes and everyone has their own recipe for things like trifle but let’s be honest, this dessert died out decades ago!

Worcester Sauce Twiglets

Twiglets might be available all year round but they’re a bit part of Christmas snacking which has reminded us that you just can’t buy the Worcester sauce flavoured twiglets anymore!

There’s talk they’re coming back to Asda and they might already be back in store but from looking online, we’re not holding out hope of being able to get our hands on a pack!

Terry’s Exploding Candy and Toffee Crunch Chocolate Oranges

Chocolate oranges are a staple part of Christmas and as much as we love the classic milk chocolate orange and are all for the new white chocolate version, can anyone explain why the exploding candy and toffee crunch chocolate oranges appear to have gone AWOL?

You may be able to buy these flavours in the mini bags but the whole chocolate oranges with toffee and popping candy are just not available which honestly, is a let-down.

So, that concludes our trip down a festive memory lane and we don’t know about you but we’re hungry now!

What festive old school sweets do you miss from your childhood? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram! 

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