How Much Do Our Favourite Childhood Treats Cost Today?

Read our latest blog post to find out just how much all your favourite childhood treats will set you back today!

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Many of you will remember heading to the corner shop after school with just a few pennies in your hand and coming away with a hefty stash of treats to snack on when you get home but we bet you won’t believe how much some of your favourite childhood treats cost today!

Penny sweets don’t cost a penny anymore and you’ll never guess how much the humble Freddo is priced at nowadays….

Cadbury’s Freddo

We’ll dive straight in with the Freddo which let’s be honest, was and still is a staple part of every child’s life.

It’s just dairy milk but it’s shaped differently and therefore tastes better but can you believe that in 2000, a Freddo cost just 10p?

If you were to head to your local supermarket or corner shop today and grab a Freddo, you’d pay around 25p but many people think the price of the Freddo is set to continue increasing…

According to a price projection the Telegraph have produced, in 2030 we could be paying 38p for the same Freddo we paid over 20p less for 30 years ago.

Refresher Rolls

Refresher rolls were quite simply pure sugar but they were so so good. Different coloured pieces of sherbet flavoured sweets that had a fruity flavour and tangy fizz but can you guess how much they cost now?

A roll of refresher sweets from your local supermarket now costs around 30p which doesn’t sound much but we guarantee they cost a lot less 20 years ago!

Black Jacks/Fruit Salads

True fans of black jacks and fruit salads will remember rushing to the corner shop to pick up a roll of these individually wrapped sweets.

Whether you favoured the aniseed flavour of black jacks or the pineapple taste of fruit salads, we bet you didn’t pay over 35p for a 36g tube like you would from a local supermarket nowadays!

We recommend buying these kinds of retro sweets in bulk such as sweet jars full of them for prices as low as £8.00 for a whole litre!

Choc Dips

A combination many of us probably weren’t sure of to start with but once you scooped up that chocolate dip on one of the semi-sweet breadsticks provided, you knew what all the fuss was about!

It’s hard to remember the exact price we would’ve paid 10 years or more ago but one thing is for sure, it won’t have been 65p like a choc dip would set you back today!

Space Raider Crisps

It wasn’t often you’d opt for savoury over sweet at the corner shop but when you did, we guarantee you were buying space raider crisps!

A strong flavoured pickled onion crisp shaped like an alien, the concept is pretty out there but the finished result was surprisingly moreish, especially when you were under the age of 10.

We’re pleased to say that Space Raiders haven’t been subject to too much price inflation and you can still grab multi-packs with 10 bags inside for just £1 at your local supermarket!

Hubba Bubba

The start of many adult’s obsession with chewing gum, it’s needless to say that going from a piece of Hubba Bubba chewing gum to a plain old piece of peppermint gum is extremely underwhelming.

Seriously full of flavour, whether you favoured the strawberry, cola or a super sour flavour, Hubba Bubba was a right of way for many children and it could be bought with just pennies to spare!

A strawberry flavoured Hubba Bubba tape now retails for 90p, could it still be worth it for the nostalgia?

Gone but Never Forgotten…

There are a few corner shop hero products that are no longer available on our shelves and to say it’s a shame is a huge understatement, so here’s a quick reminder of the treats you loved as a kid and can’t get your hands on anymore:

  • White Chocolate Maltesers – you might still be able to buy the originals but they’ll simply never compare to the white chocolate version that was officially discontinued in 2014
  • Milkybar Choo – another white chocolate treat to bite the dust was the Milkybar Choo in 2005, something only kids of the early 00’s will now remember
  • Cadbury’s Flake Snowyet another white chocolate bar that isn’t on our shelves anymore, Flake Snows were one of the best creations by Cadbury’s to date, mixing up the original Flake recipe with white chocolate but they started to dwindle off the shelves in 2003 and were extinct by 2008
  • Campino Strawberry and Cream Sweetsprobably more something your mum would bring home in a big bag from the supermarket but Campino’s strawberry and cream boiled sweets were in shops for over 30 years before they disappeared in the mid-2000’s
  • Panda Pops they may have been bottles of sugar and artificial additives but these fizzy drinks sure did taste good and they’d been a solid corner shop favourite for over 30 years before they were no longer socially acceptable for sale in 2011
  • Wonka Bars if your youth was spent in the years 2005-2010 then you may remember that Wonka bars were a real thing you could buy but they weren’t to last as Nestle took them out of production in 2010
  • Cadbury’s Fuse children of the late 90’s/early 00’s probably have a place in their heart for the Cadbury Fuse bar but after being released in 1996, the Fuse bar was discontinued years later and are no longer available.

Are you hungry for some old school sweet treats now? We have over 50 different retro sweets available in personalised sweet boxes and jars, including classic penny sweets and confectionary that will remind you of childhood, so explore our range and take a tasty trip down memory lane!

Which discontinued childhood treat do you miss? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram! 

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