Pick ’n’ Mix Sweets Perfect For The Cinema!

If you are looking for the perfect selection for your pick'n'mix for a cinema trip then look no further, our selection of retro sweets can make the perfect combination for your next cinema trip, keep reading for more information! 

When you are in search of the perfect sweet treat for your next trip to the cinema you need something that doesn’t make too much noise (no one likes a noisy eater!) and something that will keep you going throughout the film. With research showing that we spend around £8 on snacks and other extras per person when visiting the cinema, we’re here to show you a few alternatives that will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth.  

Fun Gums - Teeth and Gums

This fun sweet treat can give you something to munch on and enjoy and you can feel like they aren’t bad for your teeth too as they are in the shape of teeth and toothbrush.

Flying Saucers

Made with rice paper and filled with tangy, sour sherbet, first introduced in the 1950’s it was favoured by a nation of children who had been through a hard time of rationing for many years. Flying Saucers are still a huge hit, even to this day. And shouldn’t be missed out of your pick and mix bag of sweets for your next cinema trip.

Giant Jazzles

This classic retro sweet are the perfect thing to mix up your flavours and give you some chocolate in your cinema treats, covered in sprinkles and coming in white or milk chocolate these jazzles! 

Fried Eggs & Love Hearts

Two of our favourite gummy treats, fried eggs and love hearts are a must have for any pick ‘n’ mix! You can’t go wrong with these sweet treats to finish off your collection of sweets for your next cinema trip!

Cola Bottles

Whether it’s the originals, the fizzy or the blue fizzy cola bottles, these are a firm favourite and offer a distinctive flavour of cola to be in to your pick ‘n’ mix!

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