Say it with Sweets!

Struggling to show your loved one that you care? We've got you covered. Take a look at our range of personalised sweets that are perfect for that special occasion! 

Here at Retro Sweet, we can’t think of a better way to show you love someone than with sweets. We have a whole range of products, designed specifically for that special occasion so you can show you care. Don’t get caught short; if you can’t find another way to say it, say it with sweets.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, followed in quick succession by Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day; we can’t think of a single special occasion that wouldn’t be made better with the addition of a present from Retro Sweet. Take at our range that will give your loved one a throw back to their childhood.

Romantic Sweet Bouquet

The perfect alternative to flowers! Our Romantic Retro Sweet Bouquet offers a blast from the past that is full of sweets, just like you get at a fair.

Love Hearts Sweet Bouquet

Another great alternative to flowers, our Love Hearts Sweet Bouquet offers your loved one a cone full of love themed sweets. 

Love Lolly May Sweet Box

Impress your sweet toothed love one with our ‘Love’ Lolly May confectionary range; with three themed gift bags visible through a love heart shaped window to tease your partner and let them indulge on their special day.

Love You Bunny & Sweet Bouquet

Looking for something a bit different for Easter? This lovely bunny comes with your favourite selection of Retro Sweets cleverly disguised as a carrot, making these the perfect gift.

Sweet Words

If you’re looking for something a bit more personal, our Sweet Words boxes offer a great way to personalise how you want to say it with sweets, including ten tasty treats for your loved one.

Sweets for my Sweet

Treat your special someone to a jar full of their favourite Retro Sweets, with a whopping range of 22 different classics, including Fizz Wizzs and foam shrimps! 

My Heavenly Hearts

What could show you care more than a jar full of hearts for your sweetheart. The sweet jar can even be personalised to give an extra special touch. 

Deluxe Chocolate Box

If your loved one isn’t a huge fan of sweet, and don’t worry we do understand that sometimes this is the case, we stock something for everyone. Our Deluxe Chocolate Box is full of the best quality chocolates that are wrapped up and perfectly presented in a personalised sweet box.

We think we’ve got you covered, if you can’t say it any other way, say it with sweets! Shop our entire range of Retro Sweets here.

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