Scary Films To Watch With Your Spooky Sweets

We've compiled a list of some great scary films for you to enjoy this Halloween! Turn down the lights and get your pillows at the ready.

With Halloween just around the corner, you’re probably making plans and wondering how to spend your evening and do All Hallows Eve justice. Armed with handfuls of spooky sweets, we thought the perfect way to enjoy them would be to stick on a few horror films and spend your evening hidden behind a pillow while snacking on Jelly Spiders or Fizzy Dracula Teeth.

Whether you are a scaredy-cat or can sit through the most horrifying of films, we’ve got the perfect choice for you to watch this Halloween.

Halloween Films for the Faint Hearted

If you are a bit of a wimp, never fear; there are still some Halloween-themed movies out there that won’t scare you too much.

 Casper Halloween Film


This ghostly classic has been around since the 90s, entertaining adults and children alike ever since. Casper the friendly ghost is a perfect companion on 31st October, especially if you don’t fancy jumping out of your seat!

The Addams Family

This eccentric family bring a film full of fantasy and comedy as the Addams battle a case of fraud and conspiracy. While not a traditional Halloween film, it’s a great film to put on and watch with the family as you share a big box of spooky sweets.

Classic Scary Films

Scary films were aplenty in the 70s and 80s, some of which may have lost their horror factor over the years but still remain favourites. You may even remember some of these from when you were younger!

The Shining Halloween Film 

The Shining

Now an absolute classic starring Jack Nicholson, The Shining became the pinnacle of 1980s horror with its haunted hotel plot. Still considered one of the best scary films out there, this is perfect over the Halloween weekend if you really want to get involved!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Another classic from the 80s, Freddy Krueger probably haunted the dreams of many people back in the day. Not one to watch with the kids but if you want to relive Wes Craven’s horror hit then you’ll probably need a few more sweets than usual to calm your nerves.

Modern Horrors

If scary movies from the last few years are more your thing then you’re in for a treat. As time has gone on, horror films have continued to produce chilling storylines and plot twists to keep us guessing.

Paranormal Activity Halloween Film 

Paranormal Activity

This particular series of films have had people screaming in the cinemas and filled with dread every time they’re on the TV. Playing on people’s fear of ghosts and other supernatural powers, the Paranormal Activity films don’t show any sign of stopping yet!

The Babadook

This film, which only came out in 2014, centres on the idea that a monster has entered the home of a widow and her son through the pages of a children’s book. Particularly chilling, this is the ultimate horror film to scare yourself silly on Halloween. Best put the sweets on the floor for this one – you don’t want them flying across the room in fright!

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