Top 5 Sweets for an After School Snack

Our latest blog post details our top 5 after school sweets just in time for kids going back to school!

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The schools are back which means parents are back to facing an angry herd of hungry children running towards them at around 3:30 pm Monday – Friday, so if you’re a parent who’s more than familiar with the struggles of a ‘hangry’ child on the way home from school, you’re going to need some secret weapons to help diffuse the situation and keep everyone happy.

Everyone deserves a sweet treat when they get in from school, especially on a Friday, but choosing the right sweets to give your kids in that awkward period of time between finishing school and serving dinner is a tough balance.

We’ve picked out the top 5 sweets that make for the ultimate after-school snack, perfect for keeping kids in high spirits after a long day of learning but still leaving plenty of room for their evening meal.

Rainbow Drops

Our first pick for a top sweet snack for after school is Rainbow Drops and we’d even go as far as saying these could be the BEST option for kids after school.

Made from puffed maize and rice, Rainbow Drops may be colourful and super tasty but they’re extremely light. They’re only 37 calories per mini bag and contain only 6.4g of sugar per 10g mini bag, meaning they’re not too bad as sweet treats go.

Just a 10g bag of Rainbow Drops feels like you’re getting loads, so they’re ideal for tricking little ones into thinking they’re getting a big bag of sweets while making sure they’ll still eat dinner!

Love Hearts Mini Roll

Following on with the theme of little sweets with big flavour that are perfect for after-school snacking, Love Heart mini rolls are a perfect choice. Love Hearts are a classic that everyone loves and they’re perfect for a quick energy boost when you’re feeling a little run down, making them the ultimate choice for an after school pick me up.

Our mini rolls of Love Hearts are the ideal choice for kids who want a sweet treat without going overboard as these tiny treats pack a big punch of fizzy flavour but they’re only small, just enough to curb that craving for a sugary snack!

Fun Gums ‘Teeth n Toothbrushes’

When it comes to little individual packs of sweets that are perfect for young kids who need a sugar boost, Fun Gums ‘Teeth n Toothbrushes’ are a retro but super tasty treat that will give them the energy injection they need to see them through till dinner.

Tiny fruit flavoured foam sweets shaped like toothbrushes and teeth, these sweets don’t just taste good but keep kids entertained while they’re eating them too, the ultimate secret weapon for a peaceful car journey home from school.

Each 10g mini bag contains 43 calories and no artificial colours.


If you want to keep the after-school sweet treats as light as possible then a Flump is the perfect option. They may be a big hit of sweet vanilla flavour but they’re small and super light and also contain no fat.

Flumps have been enjoyed by children for years and that’s because they’re the ideal pick me up when you’re feeling run down after a day at school and with around just 41 calories per 12g flump and made with all natural colourings and flavourings, they make parents happy too.

Drumstick Lolly

Not one for children with wobbly teeth but Drumstick Lollies are a real after school treat and as a parent, may be a better option compared to hard-boiled or sherbet lollies – say goodbye to saying, ‘watch your teeth!’ with these lollies.

An irresistibly tasty milk and raspberry flavoured chewy lolly, Drumstick lollies are a small sweet snack that are perfect for indulging on when you get in from school. Around 50 calories per lolly and suitable for Coeliacs, Drumstick Lollies tick all the boxes!

When it comes to managing the after-school snacking situation, these top 5 sweets are the only tools you need to make it to dinner time without any problems.

What was your go-to sweet treat when you got in from school as a kid? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram!

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