Top 10 Treats for Sour Sweet Lovers

If you're a fellow lover of sour sweets then read our latest blog post to find out our top 10 favourite sour sweets!

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Sour sweets are a bit of a love/hate scenario, you either crave them or loathe them and there isn’t much of an in-between but us here at Retro Sweet? We just can’t get enough of them!

If you’re a fellow sour sweet lover then today we’re going to be rounding up our top 10 fizzy sweets that are spot on for satisfying that craving for a super sour sweet treat!

10. Fizzy Strawberries

They’re nice, very nice but the reason we’re voting fizzy strawberries as our 10th favourite sour sweet is that although they’ve got a nice tang, they’re not eye-wateringly sour and that’s what we’re on the hunt for today!

9. Sour Apple Cubes

A great choice if you like a boiled sweet to get your taste buds tingling, sour apple cubes are old-school but they still deserve a place in our top 10 sour sweets!

8. Fizzy Cola Bottles

We couldn’t discuss tangy sweets without honouring the humble fizzy cola bottle but as much as we adore this classic fizzy sweet, they’re not known for being the sourest, hence they’re coming in slightly lower on our hierarchy of the best sour sweets!

7. Flying Saucers

A controversial addition to the rankings as some people just do not find flying saucers sour, we think they do have the ability to make your eyes squint and overall, they’re just a super tasty sugary treat!

6. Fizzy Blue Bottles       

Coming in ever so higher than the classic fizzy cola bottle, fizzy blue bottles or bubble gum bottles as they’re often referred to tend to have a slightly tangier taste than the originals thanks to the sweet flavour of the bubble gum, deserving them a higher position in our official rankings.

5. Sherbet Lemons             

Another addition to the runnings that might raise eyebrows but sherbet lemons are notorious for having an eye-watering aftertaste that although super sour at times, is seriously tasty and ridiculously moreish.

4. Sour Fizzy Dummies                    

A great addition to a ‘pick n’ mix’ if you’re looking to add a tangy twist, sour fizzy dummies are a strong choice if you love a sweet that can make your eyes squint. Plenty of flavour with an equally as generous helping of fizz, you really can’t go wrong.

3. Fizzy Sour Dracula Teeth               

Unfairly reserved just for Halloween by many, we think fizzy Dracula teeth or ‘fizzy fangs’ should be enjoyed all year round, especially if you like a sweet with a seriously sour spin. A perfect combination of fizz and fruity flavour, these are a winner whatever the occasion.

2. Brain Licker           

A corner shop classic that is bound to get your eyes watering, brain lickers have been a favourite for years if you seriously want your sour sweet fix. An unusual concept in the fact there’s no physical sweet to chew on, brain lickers are a seriously concentrated sour syrup and they certainly get your taste buds tingling.

1.Super Sour Lollies

It’s all in the name, we couldn’t not crown super sour lollies number one in our rundown of the best sour sweets. A brave choice and not one for those not accustomed with sour sweets, these lollies are a serious tangy hit that really gets your eyes watering, so be prepared for fun, flavour and plenty of fizz.

So, there you have it, ten treats that will satisfy any craving for sour sweets, no matter how tangy you can take them! If you’re a fizzy sweet fan, our fizzy sweet hamper is the perfect treat to yourself, so get your hands on one today!

What are your favourite sour sweets? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram! 

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