World’s Largest Sweet Hamper

Looking for an extravagent centre piece for your next event, or a totally over the top present for someone? Then look no further! Let us introduce our World's Largest Sweet Hamper, packed with well over 60 varieties of old fashioned sweets, you can't go wrong with this.

Sweet hampers from Retro Sweet are an instant hit when it comes to finding the perfect present, whatever the occasion. We’ve included them in many of our features, whether it is a birthday present, anniversary or to have as part of your celebrations at a party, the hampers are lovingly presented in a wicker hamper and can be personalised too.

But, what happens when this just simply isn’t enough? Well, put simply we think of everything here at Retro Sweet and that is why we are delighted to bring you our latest insane creation, the World’s Largest Sweet Hamper

We know what you might be thinking, that it can’t be that big, and we might be exaggerating a little when we say it is the world’s largest sweet hamper. But we definitely aren’t! In reality, if we were to be a bit pedantic about it all, this hamper would really be called a trunk. And here are some facts for you, it weighs over 25 kilos and it’s important to note that it is quite heavy, therefore would need to be delivered on a pallet.

What’s Inside?

The real question is what isn’t inside. We’ve managed to cram over 60 varieties of your favourite sweets into our vintage sweet hamper, but we don’t know how many actual individual sweets there are but we would hazard a guess at many thousands! From Flying Saucers, Cola Bottles, Fried Eggs, Popping Candy, Parma Violets, Pear Drops, Wine Gums, Love Hearts, and oh so much more, we haven’t missed anything out, therefore there is definitely something for everyone in this World’s Largest Sweet Hamper!

Why Would I Need It?

Why not? There isn’t an occasion we can think of that our special creation wouldn’t suit. It’s the greatest gift we could think of, and it’s perfect for corporate events and it makes the perfect insane gesture.

If you still aren’t convinced that our World’s Largest Sweet Hamper is for you, then shop our full range of sweets here

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