Top 90’s Toys Making a Comeback

In our latest blog we look at the top 90's toys making a comeback, take a trip down memory lane and discover the toys that you played with when you were younger! 

At Retro Sweet, we obviously love anything retro (and anything sweet too!). We’ve noticed a resurgence recently in retro trends making a comeback, and we are loving it. In our latest blog we delve into a few of the 90’s toys making a comeback and what makes them so popular! 

The 90’s gave us so many great things, and not just toys either; whether it is the Spice Girls, Pogs, PJ & Duncan, Bum Bags, Choker Necklaces, Mr Blobby… the list goes on and on.   


Back in the day, Toys R Us couldn’t stock their shelves fast enough, we couldn’t get enough of these furry little toys that spoke a lot of jibber-ish (Furbish). And recently, Hasbro have brought the Furby back to life – with even more high-tech features, including an iOS app which allows the user to influence its personality.

Razor Scooters

The ONLY way to get around in the 90’s was on a Razor Scooter. And they have definitely made a comeback in recent years, not just for kids but apparently adults love them too, as these scooters have become a popular way for people to get about busy city’s! 

My Little Pony

This is one trend that seems to be everywhere at the moment. Whether it’s featuring in women’s fashion, makeup accessories for those twenty-something year old women who loved it as kids. Not only has My Little Pony now got its own TV show, but these rainbow-loving animals have become a firm favourite amongst the younger generation. 

Super Soaker

What isn’t fun about soaking people? Super Soakers have always been a firm favourite with kids, they’re a great summer toy that we certainly loved when we were younger! And kids are loving the Super Soakers these days too, as they become increasingly popular summer toys. 

Bop It

“Bop it! Twist it!”, it’s back. This classic audio challenge game that instructs people to either bop it or twist it has become hugely popular all over again, remaining high on children’s Christmas and birthday present lists. Not only this but you might find a few adults digging it out occasionally as a fun nostalgic game. 

What were your favourite 90’s toys? Let us know! These are just a few of the 90’s toys making a comeback, and you can get even more nostalgic with the help of Retro Sweet. Take a look at our sweet collection today. 

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